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Educational Growth Through Positive Leadership

"My 2 oldest children attended Youth Communication years ago. Now my 3 youngest will be attending for the first time this year. It's a great program!"

— Latoya

Online Education

What We Do

Through positive adult leadership, we first provide youth with basic skills needed to adequately secure their future educational growth and help establish and maintain a lifelong standard of living in which youth are able to benefit spiritually, mentally, physically, and intellectually for generations to come. 

Our Programs 

Youth Communication Inc. strives to offer a variety of programming opportunities for youth in the Dayton community to develop skills applicable to their current and future success.

Children Heaping Hands

Get Involved

Even the smallest gesture is a great way to shape the lives of current and future youth. Your involvement will also directly help our organization work to better ourselves and educating the community. Ways to get involved are donating, volunteering, and follow our social media pages.

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